About a Messiaen interpretation:
…first rate…Another special bravo was due the cleanly articulated virtuosity of Swiss pianist Zimmermann…

About Piano Concerto No.6 by Caroline Boissier-Butini:
…Excellent performance…flawless technique…musically the soloist convinced with a sensitive touch, dynamic and expressiveness…
DER BUND, Switzerland, March 2008

About solo performances at Other Minds New Music Séance:
…stunning, high-volume rendition of Woman Sonata by George Antheil…Eva-Maria Zimmermann almost blew out the candles with her rendition of Frank Martin's Preludes Nos. 7 and 8…driving, assured energy…

About Ron Bruce Smith's "Trois regards" (with Kate Stenberg, violin):
…highly virtuosic and deeply communicative performance…a startlingly powered interpretation, full of character and presence…
NewMusicBox, San Francisco, January 2006

About Schumann's Piano Concerto:
…passionate and deeply expressive…
BERNER OBERLAENDER, Switzerland, June 2005

About Leos Janacek's "In the Mist":
…Zimmermann brought cascades of feelings to life with thrilling intensity…
FREIBURGER NACHRICHTEN, Switzerland, September 2004

About Mozart's piano concerto KV 482:
… pianist Eva-Maria Zimmermann proved herself to be a technically impeccable artist with beautiful phrasing and accentuation. She played with complete poetry and interpretive elegance, without renouncing virtuoso "jeu perlé", and always allowed Mozart's dramatic profoundness to shine through…
DER BUND, Switzerland, December 2001

About an all Chopin Recital:
…There were always movement and breath in the music, each phrase was built thoroughly and agogically flexible. The interpretation was never forced, but always experienced as a living entity; the virtuosity never seemed artificial, the lightness never without suspense…the intensity of the atmosphere was breathtaking…the music started to float on wings of song…and overcame all heaviness of the earth…
DER BUND, Switzerland, August 1999

About Brahms and Soler interpretations:
…brilliant and sensitive at the same time…very personal interpretations…
BERNER OBERLAENDER, Switzerland, January 1998

About Haydn and Ravel interpretations:
…great variety of expression and charm…accomplished integrity…great finger precision…intelligent interpretation of the score.
LETTRE DU MUSICIEN, France, June 1997

About Schubert and Serocki interpretations:
…intelligently placed rubato playing…engaged the audience with her phrasing…convincing brilliance…
LANDBOTE WINTERTHUR, Switzerland, April 1995

About a Lied Recital with bass-baritone René Perler:
…pianist Eva-Maria Zimmermann proved herself as a very flexible and versatile partner. She accompanied with elegance and lots of nuances…very inspired postludes…
DER BUND, Switzerland, May 2001

About a Duo Recital with cellist Matthias Kuhn:
…[They played] technically on a high level, with remarkable creative imagination, with mature phrasing and ideal partnership. How they listened to each other, how they played the themes to each other, how they always let the respective carrier of the melody go first was exemplary and masterly; it fully deserved the enthusiastic applause…
DER BUND, Switzerland, October 2003